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AMC 10/12 Exams

All AAMOC students who are in 9th grade and above are encouraged to take either A or B or both exams.   Taking the exam is mandatory for all Student Teachers and it is a requirement for Student Teacher application.   

Non-AAMOC students are welcome to take the exam for any available seat after AAMOC students are seated. First come - First served.   

  1. No registeration is required.  
  2. Exam is FREE to all students (It is part of AAMOC community service)
  3. Must be on time and must have a PHOTO ID to take the exam - No exception
  4. AAMOC Students:  Must wear AAMOC T Shirt
  5. Non-AAMOC students:  Must bring proof of current school grade level (what grade you are now).
  6. Students can take each exam ONLY once (can not take the same A or B exam twice - once at regular school and again at AAMOC)


  • AMC10/12A
    • Date: Tuesday - February 2, 2016
    • Time: 6:00 PM
    • Location:  Tappan Middle School - Ann Arbor (2nd Floor)
  • AMC10/12 B
    • Date: Wednesday - Feb 17, 2016
    • Time: 6:00 PM
    • Location:  Room 2305 G.G. Brown Lab  (2350 Hayward St Ann Arbor, MI 48109; U of M - North Campus).  AAMOC access is limited to the room ONLY (Exploration inside connected buildings is NOT permitted).   

AAMOC Program and Admission Information

    • New students admitted  MUST be in 5th grade as of fall 2015  
    • AAMOC program provides supplementary math education and prepares students for Math olympiad/American Math contests.
    • AAMOC program requires significant student effort and one parent participation to accompany her/his child in the class on the first year (there is a good chance of not keeping up with the program if a parent is not directly involved on the first year)
    • 50% of available seats are for AAPS students 
    • Only a parent or legal guardian can register his/her own child (make it fair to all who stand in line). Twins must bring legal proof (had issue a few years ago). Student must be present at the time of registration .At the registration time students and parents must present documentation of family relationship (parenthood), residency (for 50% of AAPS school) and proof of 5th grade status (school report, or a letter from teacher on a letterhead)
    • AAMOC is an ALL VOLUNTEER registered non-profit organization.   Members share cost and volunteer.
    • AAMOC offers limited - NEED based - HONOR system scholarship.  Scholarship does NOT apply to new students.
    • Payment is required at the time of registration (AAMOC cost share $45, AAPS cost share ~$20.00, T shirt ~$10.00, Bag ~$10.00,  Deposit $20.00, Text book ~$40.00)

You can login to the AAMOC student portal using your email ID as your username.  

If you have questions please contact aamoc.spoc@gmail.com  

If you have forgotten your password click on the Forgotten Password link on the login page.


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