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New Students (Last update Sep 21, 2016; 6:30 AM)

 There are a dozen seats still available for 5th and 6th grade students in level I class ONLY 

Application:           AAMOC classes are on Saturday from 9:00 AM to NOON.  Please see any volunteer near room 243.

Location:               Tappan Middle School - Ann Arbor (2md floor)


AAMOC classes are overcrowded and it is above capacity.  Only 5th graders will be admitted to maintain program continuity.   


AAMOC is a volunteer organization with over 200 students.   First day of classes is an extremely busy day for our volunteers.  Your patience and cooperation is appreciated very much.   AAMOC volunteers will work very hard to take care of all “qualified applicants”.   Please do not ask for any exception.    Thank you - Signed AAMOC volunteer team.


Program and Admission Information (Draft subject to Board Approval and changes – Last Update:  Sep 9, 2016, 8:00 AM)

    • New student MUST be in 5th grade as of fall 2016  
    • AAMOC program is for advanced math and competition
    • AAMOC program requires significant student effort and one parent participation to accompany her/his child in the class on the first year (there is a good chance of not keeping up with the program if a parent is not directly involved on the first year)
    • It is a first come - first served (people were in line several hours in advance in the past few years)
    • Number of available seats is limited to 35 (increased from 30) Students
    • 50% of available seats are for AAPS students 
    • Only a parent or legal guardian can register his/her own child (make it fair to all who stand in line)
    • Twins must bring legal proof (had issue a few years ago)
    • Student MUST be present at the time of registration (8 AM)
    • At the registration time students and parents must present documentation of family relationship (parenthood), residency (for 50% of AAPS school) and proof of 5th grade status (school report, or a letter from teacher on a letterhead) - 
    • Student and a parent must plan to stay at Tappan till Noon to attend orientation and participate in the first class
    • AAMOC is an ALL VOLUNTEER registered non-profit organization.   Members share cost and volunteer.
    • AAMOC has no question asked - NEED based - HONOR system scholarship.    Scholarship does NOT apply to new students.
    • As a volunteer organization, people who get in line are asked to organize themselves - make a numbered list (#, arrival time, child name, parent name, age, school, grade), maintain order, keep the area clean, and demonstrate a spirit of team working and volunteerism
    • Payment is required at the time of registration (AAMOC cost share $45, AAPS cost share ~$20.00, T shirt ~$10.00, Bag ~$10.00,  Deposit $20.00, Text book ~$40.00 – these are last year cost and we have not received AAPS cost and may need adjustment)
    • Majority if not all new students will be assigned to level I section C - starting at 10:30 AM (AAMOC is adding section C to accommodate more students).
    • AAMOC as a volunteer organization reserve the right to change the above rules as it needs to make the program work.  
    • Volunteers are neither professional educator nor public employee.   AAMOC volunteers are not lawyers and organization does not  have deep pocket to hire one.  Therefore, AAMOC rules are not legally binding.

Thank you.

AAMOC Leadership

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