2021/22 Program and Registration Details

AAMOC 2021 Registration (See date, time and location)

     This information will be updated frequently (Last update August 31, 2021) 

AAMOC is supplementary math education program completely run by community volunteers in collaboration with Ann Arbor Public School District. AAMOC is a volunteer organization with over 200 students. 

We are located in Tappan Middle School (2251 E Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48104) on the 2nd Floor.  During AAPS school schedule classes  meet  every Saturday from 9:00 AM-12:00 Noon.

AAMOC volunteers are working hard on setting up classes and registering students. We are trying to put out this information fast and doing our best to be as accurate and complete as possible.  We apologize for any shortcomings and errors.

Please read it carefully, and you may ask your questions via email (see contact us). Please no phone call to any volunteer – we are overwhelmed now.  

Please broadcast this information to friends and family who can benefit from the AAMOC program.

Due to Covit19 Pandemic we are offering 3 registration dates to accommodate all return and new students. AAMOC kindly requests people to register at the earliest opportunity as we have a short time to process registration before classes start.  Please bring in the filled application, check book when you show up for registration.

Please return any leased textbook (Algebra for level II) so they are available for other students.  

       Click here to download Registration Forms

 Registration Dates:

1-   Thursday, Sep 2nd

2-   Saturday, Sep 4th

3-   Tuesday, Sep 7th

Time:       6:00 to 8:00 PM (for all 3 dates)

Place:      Gallup Park -   3000 Fuller Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (See map for meeting area)

                        Google Map  Gallup park 

Please use the entrance to the West of Huron Parkway; Huron High School side, once in the park, drive over the wooden bridge to the end parking lot) -

Cost:    $30.00 for one year of online classes

             (Additional fees for building rental if and when we return to in person classes).

Security Deposit $20.00 – Applicable to new Students registration (mandatory).

                                             Return students  (No deposit needed). 

New Student Admission is limited to 5th and 6th graders who will attend Level I class.  Exceptional 4th graders can be considered but not encouraged because this program can be very stressful and there is no rush and they need to enjoy their childhood.   

AAMOC program is for advanced and competitive math.  It requires significant effort and parental commitment to work with their children at home.


Programs Offered

Math Programs:  Level 1 through level 4 classes to students from Grade 5 to Grade 9

 (The exceptional students are invited to attend advanced invitational math classes)

Optional physics, chemistry: Open only to 5th and 6th graders.

Youth leadership : Public Speaking , interviewing and college essay writing .

        (Only open to selected students enrolled in AAMOC program)

 National Level Tests - MOEM, AMC8, AMC 10 Competitions : AAMOC prepares students to national level competitions and also administer the tests

Local and national level competitions:  AAMOC also participate in local and other national level competitions such as HMMT, MMATHS, etc. Previously our students have won several awards and were invited to participate in national competitions.

Overall, AAMOC strives to develop interest in math/science programs and leadership skills in students. Our volunteer teachers come from varied background, but sharing a common passion to help our community.

AAMOC admits limited number of new students at level 1 every year. Admissions are

limited to not more than 40 seats. The level 1 admissions are primarily for 5th graders and sixth graders . 

For detailed admission Guidelines, click here.

For Questions, please contact us via email.  E-mail to AAMOC